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interview of Ras Charles, founder of Earth Culture

My name is Ras Charles born in Jamaica (JAH MAKE AH), I came to the USA by means of a football scholarship (soccer) to attend either Rutgers University or Franklin Pierce College. I joined the military and when I got out, I just started working.

One day I went to a festival with a friend and saw some people selling Rasta stuff. When I asked about some of the things they were selling they could not tell me about them. They did not know what Jamaica or Jamaican culture was about. I did not let them know that I was a Yard man (Jamaican) and they tried to give me a sales pitch about the stuff I was asking about . It upset me and that is why I decided to do what I am doing now; EARTH CULTURE

To me, culture is very important to all people. It brings them closer and it also creates a bond with others through learning and teaching. I use the name EARTH CULTURE not just to have a store, but to have a cultural home where each and everyone from all walks of life and culture can have a oneness. Also, so each one can learn something of the next, and learn to respect and appreciateLove each other and to bring together that oneness: ONE LOVE, ONE AIM, ONE DESTINY, ONE PEOPLE .

When I first started I use to have a different name: “Tradition”, as I wanted everyone to follow and have their cultural tradition and then I met a girl from Australia. We had a nice convo, we talked, and from that time on I knew, as if it were an inspiration, to come up with this name: EARTH CULTURE . And that is how it all began. Here at the store we have Rastafari Clothing, Rastafari T Shirts, Rastafari Hats, and Rastafari Banners.

Ras Charles, Owner and Founder

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When you look at the logo, you see the Dove, the Earth, and the Lion of Juda. The dove symbolizes the love, the peace. The Earth symbolizes the unity, one people. And the Lion is the destiny. When put together, you have EARTH CULTURE.

I made a such website so I can reach other people who cannot come to EARTH CULTURE. So I&I can bring EARTH CULTURE to them. It is not only to sell a product, but EARTH CULTURE will provide information on cultural events, reggae shows, inspirational quotes and just about anything of value to you.

The aim of this website is to reach as many people as possible with information of importance for the upliftment, oneness and love to all in the most HIGH.

No , Jah People is never enough. Not until we have that oneness in all through the power of the most high Jah, then there will be enough and we don’t have to represent as we are is representative to one another. There is one thing you can be certain of improving and that is your own self. You must begin there, not on other people and most of all not on the outside. All of that will come afterwards, after you have worked on yourself.

Picture of the front of the shop at 105 South Coast Highway Oceanside, California 92054, USA
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