Land Of Look Behind – dvd


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This is a must see dvd , it give the HISTORY of JAMAICA MUSIC, CULTURE and livity of not only the RASTAFARIAN, but the entire culture from Jamaica Independence to present time          This is one of the best documentaries. The back story that I heard from friends about this film--and I'll admit I don't know The film bacame a meditation on the life of the Jamaican sufferer and, indirectly, an homage to the life of Bob Marley. This film does have a lot of very poor, very honest and well-spoken Jamaican people talking about their philosophies of life, their religion, and their hardships. This film contains some great cinematography of both the Jamaican countryside and Kingston. But what really makes it unique is the filmmakers willingness to put a microphone in front of a lot of people that aren't usually heard and just let the cameras roll. IT IS A MUST GET DVD

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