Haile Selassie

On July 23, 1892 Tafari makonnen who later become HIM, Haile Selassie I, the Conquering lion of judah, was born in Ejersa goro, a mountain village outside of Harer  in the year of John. HIM father was Ras Makonnen the cousin of menelik 11, and his mother was Yishimabet who's parents married in 1876.  Upon the death of his mother he (HIM) Haile Selassie as he was then given that title, (Tafari makonnen) was raised by his cousin Ras Imru. He then was sent to live with Emperor menelik 11 in 1906.  On july 31, 1911 he married Wayzaro Menen, the granddaughter of Ras Mikael. She had 3 sons and 3 daughters (it is very important and interesting to know that ).

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