Haile selassie I, King of Ethiopia (1892-1975)

His Imperial Majesty HAILE SELASSIE I, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, elect of God, conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah :

Jacob said in his Benediction almost four thousand years ago that , the scripture shall not depart from Judah, nor the lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh come.
King Selassie I is the three hundred and thirteen  king of all the kings of Ethiopia and the one hundred and thirteenth king of the christian empire. He is also the 225th in a direct bloodline of the Ethiopian monarch, Menelik being the first.  Menelik was the son of Queen of Sheba and king Solomon who is the son of David king of Israel.
“Prince shall come out of Egypt, and Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hand unto JAH” (psalm 68.vrs:31)
“And one of the elder said unto me, weep not, behold the LION of the tribe of judah, the root of king David hath prevailed to open the book and to loose the seven seals thereof” (rev. 5 ver:5).

On July 23, 1892 Tafari makonnen who later become HIM, Haile Selassie I, the Conquering lion of judah, was born in Ejersa goro, a mountain village outside of Harer  in the year of John. HIM father was Ras Makonnen the cousin of menelik 11, and his mother was Yishimabet who’s parents married in 1876.  Upon the death of his mother he (HIM) Haile Selassie as he was then given that title, (Tafari makonnen) was raised by his cousin Ras Imru. He then was sent to live with Emperor menelik 11 in 1906.  On july 31, 1911 he married Wayzaro Menen, the granddaughter of Ras Mikael. She had 3 sons and 3 daughters (it is very important and interesting to know that ).
HIM name means the “power of the Holy Trinity”‘,  Also note the significance of the number three (3).
HIM is called the “King of Kings” (Negus) and it make it very clear what that title means: It does not matter your race or nationality, the reignship of Jah goes beyond ones nation or culture. Read HIM speech “War” and you will see that the color of the skin has no more significance than the color of the eyes.
HIM also used his authority to work towards righteousness, justice and equality to all African people in exile. Just as the good shepherd gather his sheep so does HIM , Selassie I proved to be like a shepherd for  the children of AFRICA at home and abroad.

None can deny the good words spread by Haile Selassie. Him says are not only for ethiopians, africans, or rastas. But for all humanity. Each one of us can learn studying Him words (see some of his speeches at the bottom of this page).
HIM fighted against racism, poverty, miseducation, violence. He was for religious tolerance, and respect as He said “none can judge the ways of God” (see the “spiritual kinsmen” speech). Him  struggled for african unity and originated the African Unity Organisation. He struggled for his country against Italians. He was the shepherd protecting his sheeps against fascists wolves (see the Marcus Garvey page).
HIM also launched a program to translate Bible from ancient ethiopian scriptures to ordinary ethiopian language. People need to know that Ethiopia was one of the first christian country. Half of the story has never been told. And the other part is often manipulated and disguised…
There is so much we could write and talk about HIM but that would take more than a lifetime to do so. Read Matt. 7 ver 7.

There is nothing more worthwhile and rewarding in life than to work for the benefit of others. One can get more pleasure from giving than from receiving if it is done with LOVE . Those who have had the opportunity to learn should always be at the disposal of those who have not had its benefit and it should not only be for individuals, but for the entier community at large. The words of the Almighty in the Holy Bible say: give and it shall be given unto you: is worth observing in your daily life. It is I firm belief that if you forgot self-love and self-indulgence and break away from all this worldly desires, you will be able to make great contribution to yourself, your family, community and your country.
May the Almighty Jah, the God of Jacob, Abraham, Issac, Moses and Yeshua (Jesus Christ) the son, bless guide and protect you as you walk in his Light.


HIM speeches

“War” California 28th february 1968
“Accepting formally the title defender of the faith” 21th january 1965
“Spiritual kinsmen”
“Appeal to the league of nations” june 1936
“Adresses House of Parliament in Jamaica”
“The revised Amharic Bible” 23rd july 1961
“Education” 3rd november 1951
“Laying the cornerstone of the arts building” 23rd september 1963
“To american commitee on Africa”  18 september 1960

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