Book – Assata

Book – Assata


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This book is a must read for anyone who is studying how the System of Racism White Supremacy operates. Assata is a Sheroe to black people. Assata’s activities in the struggle for Black Liberation and to neautralize the System of Racism, naturally made her an enemy to white people. It is interesting that for all the lip service that is given to blacks by white people on forgiving whites who practice Racism White Supremacy on blacks, the white collective has not to this day forgiving Assata, who they attempted to murder on the New Jersey Turnpike. They relentlessly and obsessively continue to hunt Assata and call her a cop killer, when it was the Racist cops that were attempting to kill her and her comrades, like they have done to many, many black people throughout history. Assata is a strong black female that decided to accept her earthly assignment to try and produce Justice in an unjust world. I highly recommend this book to young black people who are seeking to gain a better understanding of of the world that they have been born into. The problems Assata faced as young black female growing up, is still being experienced to this present day 2018 by all black people.


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