Book – Egypt vs Greece

Book – Egypt vs Greece


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Debating the development of civilization in Egypt and Greece, this collection of essays explores European misconceptions of African history. Featuring contributions from some of the top scholars in African American studies, this book analyzes the inconsistencies erupting from academic and Eurocentric reports on ancient culture. It explores such questions as If the pyramids were built in 2800 B.C. and Greek civilization began around 700 B.C., how could the Greeks have contributed or taught Africans math and science? and If the Greeks built pyramids in Egypt, why did they not build a few in Greece This iBook is awesome and even name the names of the Europen so called scholars that tried to take Africa out of Egypt. Diop is mentioned for his research that was conducted at a symposium that revealed that the ancient Egyptians were in fact people of color. Even today, the oppressor tries to deny Africa and have no proof of their findings, where this book offers plenty. As a student acquiring my PhD in Religious studies with emphasis on Christian Philosophy and Apologetics, I find this book of great substance in my studies. Everyone tries to deny the truth, but evidence will prove otherwise. Talk is cheap. This book is highly recommended.


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