Book – Ethiopia & the Origin Of Civilization

Book – Ethiopia & the Origin Of Civilization


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. Author notes his sources and debunk many that suggests that the Egyptians were any other race than Black. Even when Herodotus is mentioned as an historical fact, many refuse to accept truth but the author gives plenty evidence. I like it when he says, “Theories are more precious to some scholars than facts, even when the facts flatly contradict their theories (John D Jackson). So true! Too bad that the world is full of liars or even people who were misinformed by liars because of prejudice and hatred. Awesome read though… really enjoyed the book.

The history of Ethiopia could also be called the history of humanity. The question is not if this history is well documented, but why it is not thought widely in schools. The time necessary to study the tomes that refer to the Nubians as the forbearers of our civilization is enormous. The world owes Ethiopia for its history, astronomy, agriculture and all the other sciences, and John G. Jackson gave ample references to validate this claim. Ethiopia’s history is incredible and a treasure to the world and it is a shame that it has been distorted by the persistent Eurocentrism.


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