Book – From Slavery to Freedom

Book – From Slavery to Freedom


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This is the dramatic, exciting, authoritative story of the experiences of African Americans from the time they left Africa to their continued struggle for equality at the end of the twentieth century.Since its original publication in 1947. This book should be required reading for all current and future citizens of the United States. Those who contemplate any role or career in government should devote especially close examination to this definitive history.

We will never extinguish the fire of inequality and racism until we all see each other as beings, in the image of God, with the same joy, despair, hope and fear.
In today’s high tension race relations this book gives insight to the heritage that is so commonly misunderstood. Yes, we have come closer to unity but we also have so much more to go. History is repeating itself but under the cover of political correctness and misrepresentation of the facts. You have to read this and take in all of the atrocities that has lead up to the resentment that both sides must understand and overcome.