Jamaica Movie DVD – Rough Neck


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The only thing standing in the way of his future is his pass. In the Bronx, late one night in a seedy motel, the plan of reluctant gangsta and aspiring reggae singer Ruddy Gayle (aka "Roughneck" a first generation Jamaican-American) to escape a savage cycle of drugs and violence goes disastrously awry, ending in several deaths, including those of his fiance, Elizabeth and his friend Barry. Cut to three years later: Ruddy going by his own name, cleaned up and totally focused on the one thing he loves most, his music. He drives a cab by day and practices and performs with his band at night. One day however, an encounter with cronies from his old days - the ruthless and powerful drug lord, Joe-the-Boss; the deadly enforcer, Rudeboy; and the voluptuous, but vicious Nitti, set in motion a deadly chain of events as the dark forces of Ruddy's pass try to drag him back into the vortex of easy money, sex and drugs and death.

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