Book – The MAGUS

Book – The MAGUS

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Based on Sullivans discovery of what motivates people and unlocks their greatest abilities, this work outlines ten laws that give readers an internal framework for taking charge of their future, and shows them how to stay focused and firm so that they can continually grow in all areas of life.
Growth is a fundamental human need, a desire that stems from a deep love of life and an urge to experience it fully. In this inspiring book, Dan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura offer ten simple laws that will help you continue to grow throughout your life. Through vivid real-life stories, Sullivan and Nomura illustrate each of the ten laws and show how with just a slight shift of thinking-regardless of your age, income, or position-you can use them to maintain a fresh, innovative perspective on the world around you and unlock your greatest abilities. Book jacket.
For those who are truly passionate about traditional western magic (i.e., the grimoire tradition), Francis Barrett’s classic “The Magus” is absolutely indispensable! Ever since its publication by Lackington, Allen in London, in 1801, this work has had a massive impact on the occult community and it is one of the most influential pieces of literature within its field. It inspired, among others, the famous French occultist and author, Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant, 1810-1875), as well as the founders of one of the most famous of all esoteric societies known today, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Barrett’s purpose in compiling “The Magus” was to present a “complete” handbook of occultism (with a strong emphasis on magic) that would make readily available a collection of the most important teachings of occult/magical theory & philosophy along with the mechanics – as well as examples – of practical application. And in my humble yet honest opinion, he most certainly succeeded in doing exactly that!


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