The Black Bible Heritage

The Black Bible Heritage


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The Black Biblical Heritage is a book that reveals Blacks in the Bible. This interesting text is composed of 4000 years of Black biblical history, based on the geneology of Ham, the progenitor father of Africa and parts of Asia.

The Black Biblical Heritage is the endeavor of over thirty-five years of intensive research exposing many doubts and myths handed down through the centuries by European clergy to Africa, Asia and the Western Hemisphere. Aside from the New and Old Testaments, this remarkable book is the first printed material of its kind to highlight the lineage of Ham, the patriarchal-ancestral father of Africa and sections of Asia.In 300 A.D., when Rome was just adopting the Christian doctrine, thousands of books, por¬traits, and sacred icons portraying the traditional belief that Africa developed the early fundamentals of Judaism and Christianity, were burned, desecrated and hidden through¬out the empire. Only recently, following the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls of Palestine in 1947, and the tablets of Elba, Syria in 1975, have theologians reluctantly acknowledged the ancestral facts pertaining to Africa and the Bible; there has been an obsession to replace the Jesus of Israel with the one Italy presented to the Northern Hemisphere.The Black Biblical Heritage presents:•Over 170 Biblical characters who were Hamites or of the Hamitic lineage•Over 146 illustrations•Three maps and 2 sketches, which designates the Diaspora of Ham’s descendants•The misconceptions of Ham’s curse•Comments from the renowned Biblicists and historians concerning Africa’s contribution•The concept of the Africans and Hebrews as one people•Essays relating to Africa’s theological history•An extensive bibliography with over 700 references throughout the text•An index of Biblical African people


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