The Rasta and Jamaican Patois dictionary

Here is a first draw of our dictionary. If you want us to add a word this dictionary please mail us.
AAre, of
All a demAll of them.
ArmageddonThe biblical final battle between the forces of good and evil.
BabylonThe corrupt establishment, the “system”, Church and State, the police, a policeman.
Back offTake it easy, cool it.
BambuRolling paper
BanduluTrick or fool someone. nah try fi bandulu me!
Batty bwoy, battieGay person.
BoboMember of the Bobo Dreads, a rasta brotherhood.
BubbleTo dance.
Bus waterEjaculation.
BwoyBoy, person.
CallalooSpinach stew.
Chalice, chilluma pipe for smoking herb, usually made from coconut shell or CHALEWA and tubing, used ritually by Rastas.
Clean di RifleOral sex.
CutchiePipe to smoke Cannabis.
CuyahLook at this
DawtaGirl, woman, sister, girlfriend.
Degeh degehskimpy
DonRespected person.
DownpressorEquivalent for oppressor.
DreadRasta, fellow.
Drop a fa shapeNot lookin good
DubA roots electronic music, created by skillful, artistic re-engineering of recorded tracks.
Dub plateA pre-release copy of a record, often produced exclusively for a specific sound system.
FiTo (before a verb).
Flash itTo allow.
ForwardTo repeat.
Galangmove, go away
GanjaHerb, cannabis.
GimmeGive me.
Glimity, glamityVirginal state.
HaffiHave to.
HailA greeting.
Hot steppaFugitive.
I and II, me, also me and you.
IdrenEquivalent to brother, bredren for the Rastas
In nah, InnaIn the.
I-neyGreetings, hail
IrieNice, pleasing.
Isms, skismsNegative term denoting Babylon’s classificatory systems.
ItalStands for ” vital “, natural ie Ital vegan food, or Ital person.
I-thiopiaStands for Ethiopia.
JahGod, the Almighty.
Kali, KoolyMarijana.
KuminaEcstatic dance for the purpose of communicating with ancestors. 
Let offTo give something.
LionA righteous Dread, a great soul.
MaroonsFree ex slaves black warrior-communities which successfully resisted British hegemony during eighteenth century and early nineteenth century.
Natty, natty dread, natty congoDreadlocks, a person with dreadlocks.
Niyabinghi” Death to black and white oppressor “. Also kind of spirital drum music.
Niyah manWise man, same meanings that binghi man.
NyamTo eat
Obeahtraditional African “science”, relating to matters of the spirit and spirits, spells, divinations, omens, extra-sensory knowledge, etc.
One lovea parting phrase, expression of unity.
PeelTo beg.
Pum pumVirgina, also female sex.
RaggamuffinJamaican ghetto dweller.
RasA title used by Rastafarians meaning “lord” or “head”.
Rasta, RastafarianA follower of Marcus Garvey who worships the Almighty in the person of Haile Selassie, King of Ethiopia.
RizzlaBrand of rollin paper.
RootsDerived from the experience of the common people, natural indigenous, also a greeting, and name for a fellow Rasta.
Rude bwoyA criminal, a hard hearted person, a tough guy.
Sata, sattaTo meditate, rejice, give thanks and praise.
SeenI understand, I agree
Seen ?Do you understand ?
Sinsemilla, sensiPopular, potent, seedless, unpolinated female strain of marijuana.
Sista, Sister, sistrenWoman, girlfriend, Rastafarian woman.
Skankto dance to reggae music, to move with cunning, ulterior motives.
SkettelA very loose girl, a ho, Jezebel
SlacknessLewd, vulgar lyrics popular in DJ singing.
SpliffLarge, cone-shaped marijuana cigarette.
Tan pon it longStaying for a long time (sexual).
The IYou.
UpfullPositive, encouraging
Yawd, YawdiJamaican.
YouthA child, a young man, an immature man.
ZionEthiopia, Africa, the Rastafarian holy land.
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