The Rasta and Jamaican Patois dictionary
Here is a first draw of our dictionary. If you want us to add a word this dictionary please mail us.

A Are, of
All a dem All of them.
Armageddon The biblical final battle between the forces of good and evil.
Babylon The corrupt establishment, the "system", Church and State, the police, a policeman.
Back off Take it easy, cool it.
Badda Worse
Bag-o-wire Betrayer.
Bambu Rolling paper
Bandulu Trick or fool someone. nah try fi bandulu me!
Batty bwoy, battie Gay person.
Beenie Little.
Binghi Wise.
Bly Chance.
Bobo Member of the Bobo Dreads, a rasta brotherhood.
Bubble To dance.
Bubbler Dancer.
Bus water Ejaculation.
Bwoy Boy, person.
Callaloo Spinach stew.
Chalice, chillum a pipe for smoking herb, usually made from coconut shell or CHALEWA and tubing, used ritually by Rastas.
Clean di Rifle Oral sex.
Cutchie Pipe to smoke Cannabis.
Cuyah Look at this
Dawta Girl, woman, sister, girlfriend.
Degeh degeh skimpy
Deh There.
Dem Them.
Di The.
Don Respected person.
Downpressor Equivalent for oppressor.
Dread Rasta, fellow.
Drop a fa shape Not lookin good
Dub A roots electronic music, created by skillful, artistic re-engineering of recorded tracks.
Dub plate A pre-release copy of a record, often produced exclusively for a specific sound system.
Fi To (before a verb).
Flash Leaving.
Flash it To allow.
Forward To repeat.
Galang move, go away
Ganja Herb, cannabis.
Gimme Give me.
Glimity, glamity Virginal state.
Haffi Have to.
Hail A greeting.
Herb Marijuana.
Hot steppa Fugitive.
I me
I and I I, me, also me and you.
Iditation Meditation.
Idren Equivalent to brother, bredren for the Rastas
In nah, Inna In the.
I-ney Greetings, hail
Irie Nice, pleasing.
Isms, skisms Negative term denoting Babylon's classificatory systems.
Ital Stands for " vital ", natural ie Ital vegan food, or Ital person.
I-thiopia Stands for Ethiopia.
Jah God, the Almighty.
Kali, Kooly Marijana.
Kumina Ecstatic dance for the purpose of communicating with ancestors. 
Let off To give something.
Lion A righteous Dread, a great soul.
Manacles Chains
Maroons Free ex slaves black warrior-communities which successfully resisted British hegemony during eighteenth century and early nineteenth century.
Mawga Skinny
Mi I.
Nah Not.
Natty, natty dread, natty congo Dreadlocks, a person with dreadlocks.
Niyabinghi " Death to black and white oppressor ". Also kind of spirital drum music.
Niyah man Wise man, same meanings that binghi man.
Nyam To eat
Obeah traditional African "science", relating to matters of the spirit and spirits, spells, divinations, omens, extra-sensory knowledge, etc.
Oil Sperm.
One love a parting phrase, expression of unity.
Overstand Understand.
Peel To beg.
Politricks Politics.
Pon Upon.
Pum pum Virgina, also female sex.
Rada Rather.
Raggamuffin Jamaican ghetto dweller.
Ras A title used by Rastafarians meaning "lord" or "head".
Rasta, Rastafarian A follower of Marcus Garvey who worships the Almighty in the person of Haile Selassie, King of Ethiopia.
Rizzla Brand of rollin paper.
Roots Derived from the experience of the common people, natural indigenous, also a greeting, and name for a fellow Rasta.
Rude bwoy A criminal, a hard hearted person, a tough guy.
Sata, satta To meditate, rejice, give thanks and praise.
Secle Cool.
Seen I understand, I agree
Seen ? Do you understand ?
Sinsemilla, sensi Popular, potent, seedless, unpolinated female strain of marijuana.
Sista, Sister, sistren Woman, girlfriend, Rastafarian woman.
Skank to dance to reggae music, to move with cunning, ulterior motives.
Skettel A very loose girl, a ho, Jezebel
Slackness Lewd, vulgar lyrics popular in DJ singing.
Spliff Large, cone-shaped marijuana cigarette.
Tan pon it long Staying for a long time (sexual).
The I You.
Upfull Positive, encouraging
Winjy Thin
Ya You.
Yawd, Yawdi Jamaican.
Youth A child, a young man, an immature man.
Zion Ethiopia, Africa, the Rastafarian holy land.