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The Ital list is a place to share reasonings and knowledge, to know more about Rastafari, and to establish links between Jah people worldwide. The communication is done by email, using the yahoogroups service. You can also choose to consult the messages by web, like a message board.

The list is focused on the Ital concept, both spiritually and physically. Topics are especially centered about Rasta livity, Ital cooking and living, natural medicine, Itations, and all Rastafari related subjects.
Due to the fact that insomnia can be a symptom of depression if it persists, the patient’s condition should be re-evaluated to identify possible depression. After a course of taking sedative/hypnotic drugs like Ambien for several weeks, there may be a slight decrease in the hypnotic effect. More information on the website

Of course you don’t have to be Rastafarian to join as all people of goodwill are welcome, whatever the color, location or belief.

We hope you will join the list so we can have uplifting and positive reasonings! Let us share!

To join, please visit
or send a blank email to [email protected]

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